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We all want to get paid more money, right? Before you go and hit up the boss for a pay rise, do a bit of research.

There are lots of websites that will give you an idea of the salary span for a particular job role. One thing you need to consider is the specifics of the job, so it is suggested that you use any salaries quoted as a ball park figure. You can also have a look at job vacancy ads for similar roles to yours to gain an idea of salary expectations. If you find a role that you think is similar to yours, ring the contact person for more information as this will give you a better idea of what the job entails.

Have a plan for the conversation with your boss. In a succinct manner, outline the reasoning behind why you think you should get a pay rise, for example:

  • you may have been in the company for some time and continually meet or exceed performance targets
  • similar roles in the same industry are being paid at a higher level
  • additional tasks at a higher skill level have become part of your role and you feel this should be recognised

You will need to have a clear idea of how much of a pay rise you are seeking. It is always good to work out a range for your pay rise. Ask for the top of your range and have a position on what is the absolute minimum you are prepared to accept.

It may be that the company cannot afford pay rises at that point in time. Have a backup plan for negotiating something else that will effectively give you a pay rise. This could be a half or full day off per fortnight, reduced working hours for the same pay or extra holidays.

If you are in a government job, there are always opportunities for expressions of interest, either short term or long term that are “in house”. Keep an eye on these for a job at a higher level that may interest you. You may have the majority of the skills of the higher job that can form a foundation for moving to that next level. For any other skills required, look at your transferable skills and how you can use them to succeed in the role. Expressions of interest are a good way to test the waters.

There are also permanent vacancies in government. Similar roles in different departments can be rated at different levels. Keep an eye on the government websites for vacancies. These will often appear on other job vacancy websites and you can set alerts for vacancies advertised that fit with what you are looking for.

Upskilling is also a way to get a pay increase. Whether it is a formal training course or on the job training, this may be something that your employer is open to providing or you can take this on yourself.

Remember, life is not all puppies and kittens and you need to be prepared for rejection. You can plan for that too. Don’t get cranky with the world, decide what you want out of your working life and go from there. Take the time to reflect. This will give you somewhere to start on the road to your next career.