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The most common blunder that prospective candidates make when interviewing is when it becomes quite apparent through the process that they haven’t done any prior preparation.

When Hiring Manager’s at a company are taking time out of their roles to interview you for their organisation it pays to do some preparation on the company, the role and your expectations around the position. Preparation instills confidence – as they are less “unknowns” in the process which is often what makes people anxious in interviews. Putting in the right preparation can help you stand out above a range of other candidates in a competitive job market.

Research the company – and not just what’s on the website

It can come across cheesy when you are asked what you know about a company and you find yourself quoting things from their website and fumbling through the answer to the question. Do your research around the projects they are involved in or their recent achievements. There are many ways to get information so think outside the box. It could be people you may know who work there and can comment on their culture or I’ve even had candidates applying for financial roles review the business performance for the previous financial year. They then used this information to discuss what markets the company performed well in and why this was of interest to them and their career direction. Taking the time to go the extra mile and doing some digging around the organisation shows that you are truly invested in the not just the position but a career with them for the long term.

Ensure you understand the role – and if you don’t, ask the right questions

Some companies can be very vague when it comes to position descriptions and role responsibilities so it can be quite difficult to understand the role prior to an interview. Use whatever is available to you to be able to prepare for the type of roles and responsibilities you envisage for the role. Review the advertisement again, pull out the position description and highlight examples of roles where you have demonstrated the competencies they require. You’ll find just following this simple process will leave you walking into the interview a lot less nervous about the process.

Lauren Karan

Written by Lauren Karan, Recruitment Executive at Appoint Pty Ltd
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